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Organization Name:   iEnter Japan Corporation

Foundation Date:     1977. July

Address:          Ginza 27 Chuo Blog. 8F, 2-14-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku,  Tokyo


Tel:           +81 3-3248-2701


President:                   Kenichi Kurokawa


Main Services:

Comprehensive support to your product or service can succeed in Japan.We will work closely with you and your company to find how best to expand into Japan. With your input and assistance, we will structure and implement a strategic plan for Japan, from start to finish. This strategic plan can then be used to expand into other Asian countries through our network of contacts and experience.

Business Connection with following Companies:

Franklin Covey, 4-Life, WhizBang, Macrovision, Softbank, JPGA, Edirol, Roland, Bandai, JVC, TBS, Sam Snead, Macrovision, NHK, CAA, Pete Dye, JSB, PSS, Lou Graham, Emc2, ICM, TOHO, Lee Trevino, Union Trading, Imax, Toei, Billy Casper, Koba Intelligence, Fuji Television, Johnny Miller, Sunrise Trading, Whitewater, Tairiku Shobo, JC Snead, Gerald R. Ford, Asuka Shuppan, Adpro Marketing, Iterated Systems, ICU Rittor Music, Nihon Kohan, Photo Original, Nihon Program Supplier, JPGA, Nihon Kohan, Japan Visual Soft Network Mitsukoshi, Edmont Hotel, Airus Records, BMW, Rothschilds Group, Labo Video Network, Majestic Entertainment, Aims Media, Fashion Licensing, Century Home Video, Entertainment Time-Out, Michael Graves, Marubeni, Travelview, Pete Dye Kawagoe, Starlicks (prev. Noma Video), Robert Altevers, Sam Snead Design, Wee Sing, Nihon Kohan, Mondi, Nikkatsu, Kajima Corporation, Toray, Holiday, Royal Airlines, Takii, Pony Canyon, Southern Open, Tokyo Music Television, Jupiter Shop channel

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