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History of iEnter Japan

1977    Started English Language business 


1990    Start working with Japan Franklin quest office (Consulting)


2001    4 Life Research Japan office (Consulting)


2007    Introduced Keepeez (Press lids & Dome) 


2008    Start working with Vegetable & Fruits Master Association


2009    The Juice Plus Company (Consulting)


2013    English Language & Culture Institute (Consulting)

            DOOR International Japan (Consulting)

            Brigham Young University Hawaii (Consulting)


2014    Start working with Jupiter Shop channel and introduced Harvest mix, supplements 


2015    Introduced Gleener, ultimate fuzz remover 


2016    Introduced DUOP, multipurpose Mop 

            Started selling a Tower Garden on TV and at online store

2017    Introduced Joy Huggable Hangers, original velvet non-slip hangers 

2018    Introduced Egg sitter, gel cushion and Dream skin, beauty pillowcase on TV shopping

2020    Start working with Verb Tech ​(Consulting)

​2021    Start working with Kannaway, CBD products (Consulting)

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